Human-centric coworking management

Coworking management software designed around people.

The Key Features


Keep track of resources such as meeting room and projector. Coworkify calculates additional charges and issues an invoice to Member based on the usage.

Automated Payment

Coworkify helps you automate your workflow from issuing an invoice to collecting money. Credit card, PayPal, check, cash, and bank transfer are supported as payment methods.

Member Management

You'll be able to create any plan including drop-in and monthly membership. You can even customize it with additional paid options like personal locker and parking space.


Publish a professional-looking listing page in Coworkify Directory with space photos and plans. No website building knowledge is required.

Track bookings on the go.

Check up-to-date booking status from your PC, smartphone and tablet. You'll instantly grasp at a glance what Members are using.

Members use Coworkify to reserve resources on their own. You can be freed from cumbersome reservation management and focus on your core business instead.

Never miss payments.

One of the most time consuming tasks at space management is invoicing and collecting money. These tasks can be fully automated by introducing Coworkify.

Coworkify automatically calculates paid options such as locker, parking lot, and the usage of reserved resources, and it sends an invoice to Members. Members can pay the bill with a variety of payment methods, and Coworkify confirms the payment on behalf of the space owner.

Keep in touch with your members.

For coworking spaces, nothing is more important than communicating with Members.
By understanding each Member's profile and subscribed plan, you can provide quality services to Members.

  • John


  • Maisy


  • Mike

    Web Designer

  • Nathan


  • Stephen

    Software Developer

  • Nicole


Powerful customer acquisition engine.

Just by adding photos and description you can create a professional looking listing page within minutes. No website building knowledge is required at all. The created pages are fully compatible with PC, smartphone, and tablet.

Through the listing page you can accept drop-in requests and monthly menbership inquiries. Let Coworkify acquire customers for you.

Start the plan that’s right for you.

We offer a fee structure that matches the growth and scale of space.
You can access all the features of Coworkify in any plan.
Try and test-drive it free for 30 days.


$99 Per Month
Up to 50 members
  • Access to all features
  • Email/Chat support
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$199 Per Month
Up to 150 members
  • Access to all features
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$299 Per Month
Unlimited members
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