Company Vision and Values

Coworkify strives to be the leading coworking and office space management software designed with simplicity in mind. Founded in 2011, and operated by coworking space and office space owners, we live and breathe the daily ups and downs of space management.

We enjoy building communities around our physical space, and now we want our clients to grow their communities using our software.

Our company's values are as follows :

  • Keep it simple, silly (KISS)
  • Pursue perfection in product
  • Focus on community management, not space management
  • We value collaboration and sharing knowledge with our customers.
  • We value having fun and finding joy through artistic expression.
  • We are advocates for the space owners who trust us with their business.
Company Timeline
In 2011, Coworkify started as a directory service for coworking spaces with simple booking feature. It quickly attracted the space owners around the world because of its simplicity.

For the past 3 years, we kept adding new features requested by our users and by doing so Coworkify became a full-blown coworking management software.

Our superior customer support is built into the company philosophy and this is the way we listen to our customers.

Founded in Japan at Startup Weekend Tokyo


Pivoted from coworking space directory service to coworking space management software


1000 spaces have trialed our software


Over 100 spaces running our software


Acquired by a USA based entrepreneur


Introduced community features


Lets meet future together!

Meet Coworkify Team

Charlie Patel

Coworkify CEO

Chris Pau

Product Manager

Hammad Hussain

Coworkify Programmer


Coworkify Analyst

So How Does It Work

01.  Register on Coworkify

02.  Add Your Members

03.  Manage Your Bookings

04.  Focus on Community

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