About Moonshots

A unique and creative space with lots of natural light - you can’t help but think this environment would cause you to feel inspired. The building is spread across three spacious floors with access to each one of the offices available via a magnificent central staircase. There is a total of twenty secure and independent office spaces in the building, most have already been tenanted. The remaining office spaces vary in size with a choice of rooms to support individuals through to three + person businesses. The ground floor features a full-size, licensed bar and entertaining area accommodating up to 100 people, and is available to tenants should they wish to host an event. Each Friday the Bar is open to Members and Guests. Included is free use of wireless, super-fast 1000MBPS fibre connection, a large shared boardroom and kitchen facilities. With a professional video, sound and photographic studio built-in we provide the facilities and expertise to take SA businesses to the world.


Internet Access, Concierge, Conference Room, Coffee/Tea, Fridge, Microwave, Kitchen, Whiteboard, Projector, Handicap Access

Open Hours

24 hours - 7 days a week - All tenants have a card key plus phone app for access.


54 Hyde St Adelaide South Australia 5000 Australia

Available Plans
  • Drop-in Member

    Access to all facilities at reduced rates with ability to book meeting rooms, studio, hot desks etc online And attend all members function incl Friday Night Entrepreneurs Bar

    $50.00 / Month

  • Evening Only

    Monthly plan which allows Member to access the space weekday from 18:00 to 23:00. Recommended for students and people working on their personal projects after work.

    $80.00 / Month

  • Weekend Only

    Monthly plan which allows Member to access the space weekend only. Recommended for students and weekend entrepreneurs.

    $80.00 / Month

  • Small Office

    Suitable for 1 - 2 people

    $450.00 / Month

  • Medium Office

    Lockable Office suitable for 3 - 4 people

    $600.00 / Month

  • Large Office

    Suitable for small teams up to 5

    $900.00 / Month

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